Q: How are CDs transformed into different shapes?

There are mainly 2 different kinds of shaped CDs:

Mould -- more popular because of its lower cost. Using a mould to produce CDROM or CDRs in bulk. Most common shapes are business card size, hockey rink business card size (which has different size with different storage limit). Cost is lower and production time is much faster.

Die Cut -- the CDs are cutting one by one into different shapes, such as heart shape. Die Cut CDs are more expensive than moulded CDs, but allow more flexibility in terms of design.

Q: How is multi-shaped CDROM & CDR different from the regular CDs?

Multi-shaped CD and CDRs work exactly the same as the regular CDs. They can carry all data formats that regular CD/CDR carries. The only difference is that storage size is smaller. Usually among 40MB - 200MB, depending on the radius of the CD

Q: How can Biz-Card Size CD, Multi-shape CD & CDR be played?

All our Biz-Card size CD and Multi-shape CD can be replayed in any CD players, VCD players, or CD-ROM drives in the market. While CDR can be used in any CD-R or CD-RW drives in the market. They cannot, however, work in CD changers & feed type CD-ROM drives.

Q: How can Biz-Card Size CD, Multi-shape CD & CDR be applied in promotions?

Biz-Card Size CD and Multi-shape CD are ideal for direct mailing, interactive product demo, warranty card, membership card with direct web access, etc. Multi-shape CD can also be shaped into the logo of your company or your product to outstand the promotion effect.

Q: Can I give you my custom shape & you produce the cd/cdrs? (e.g. a logo) & how can I give you this shape. In a draw, printed, etc...?

You can simply email us the file in a common graphic file format, e.g. .PSD (photoshop), JPEG, or GIF format.

We will then need to convert and produce a final CD shape base on your design. There are special CD balancing calcualtion issues we need to apply to the design to ensure CD's stability.

Q: On your order page, what do you mean by 1-5C? And how much data can 40 mb hold?

1C means 1 Color, 5C means 5 Color. This means how many color you can use for the design of printing on the surface of the CD / CDR.

40MB can hold 40MB of computer files, 3.5 minutes of video for playing on a VCD machine, or 3.5 minutes of music for playing on a CD player.


How do I make my files auto-start from a CD when it is inserted into a CD driver?

If your file is a flash presentation,
1)You can compile the flash presentation as an .EXE file so     viewers can always open it, without any plug-in installed.
2)You need to have a file "autorun.inf", in which, it must have a     following lines:
3) Put both the presentation file ("filename.exe") and     "autorun.inf" in the root directory of the CD.

If you need to auto start other file types (such as video files, audio files, powerpoint), or need to auto start multiple files, special customization / programming is needed. Please contact us with your requirements.

More questions? Please feel free to contact us.

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